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Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding trends can be fickle. They can either stand the test of time or fade from popularity as quickly as they came. With a little time, patience, and creativity, you can either design your own invitations or hire a professional stationer. We got the low-down on some of the most iconic 2018 wedding invitation trends to look for as you plan and prepare for one of the most exciting days of your life. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect in the seasons ahead.

2018 Wedding Invitation Trends

Remember to have fun while designing or customizing your wedding invitations. You can combine several trends to create a one-of-a-kind correspondence your guests will admire and appreciate.


Handwritten fonts have been quite popular for several years, but they’re growing bolder by the minute. Calligraphy doesn’t even need to be handwritten anymore because computerized calligraphy makes it possible for you to print hand-rendered text with perfect precision every time. If you decide to hire a calligrapher instead, you should choose your calligrapher depending on skill level, personal style, and technique. Rates will vary depending on experience and style. Most calligraphers will ship, so you don’t have to limit yourself to local calligraphers.


Modern brides are leaning toward dark and moody palettes this year, choosing invitations in black, navy, and purple instead of traditional white or cream. Dark invitations allow you to experiment more with font color and foil. Dark hues also work very well for fall and winter weddings, or any kind of wedding with a secret theme.


This year’s wedding invitations are full of facets, squares, and triangles. Bold lines will give your stationery a contemporary feel and a little distinction. Try mixing your favorite graphics with some of your favorite bright colors to create a hypnotizing design that your guests will want to frame long after the champagne’s gone.


Bohemian and rustic weddings are still the latest crazes to sweep the industry. Boho-chic brides prefer minimalist designs with clean patterns. You might enjoy garlands, vines, wildflowers, or other lush flora. Invitations decorated with greenery are perfect for any wedding with an outdoor reception or a theme with flowers at the forefront.


There’s something magical about marble and other stone materials. These days, you can find marble everywhere from tabletops to smartphone cases. If your wedding follows a more traditional theme, you can never go wrong with classic white, grey, or black marble to place a contemporary twist on your stationery. Marble patterns are available in a wide variety of colors now, so you can easily find a shade that complements your color scheme.


Muted shades of copper or rose gold show no signs of slowing down, and metallic persists as one of the top invitation trends to look for this year. Metallic colors look positively stylish with any kind of color scheme. Give your wedding a little shimmer and shine by decorating your invitations so they speak volumes about the aesthetic of your big event.


Unlike graphics or bold metallic foils, watercolor designs seem to have a timeless appeal to them. Watercolor is whimsical and wistful, preparing your guests for a calm and romantic day ahead. Look for brushstrokes and soft colors that complement the overall theme of your wedding. You can also incorporate the watercolor look into your ceremony programs, menus, thank you notes, and so much more.

In addition to these 2018 wedding invitation trends, you should also expect to see plenty of custom monograms, decorative envelope liners, foil, maps, and a return to the traditional. If you have any questions about this guide or would like to learn more about designing your own stationery, please contact eInvite today for additional information or further assistance. Let us help you turn your vision into a reality!