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Enchanté Sticker

$1.10 Each at a Quantity of 100 Per Each,
Qty of 100


Gift Tag (with tape)



Card Size:
2½" x 2½"
Paper Quality:
Printing Technique:
Matte (Flat)
Manufacturing Time:
3 days + shipping
Checkerboard, Ltd.

Additional Information

The designer of this item selected:

Pick this classic and adorable Enchanté Sticker to complete your wedding style! Your two names are beautifully printed and conntect with a heart.



How it's Made


Flat Printing, also called lithography or offset printing, allows for greater customization than traditional printing methods. In offset printing, the ink appears to lay flat atop the paper. Using a black & white image, a plate (metal or paper) is created, the plate is then treated so that the ink adheres to the image and not the void. After that the plate is put on the press, and the image is transferred onto paper.
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