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Taking your family's holiday photo is as easy as 1-2-3


Scared at the thought of gathering your crew for the annual holiday photo?  Relax! We've got you covered with three easy tips to get your custom holiday photo card ready to send!


1 ) Make it fun! Don't announce it as a photo session, instead say it is a modeling competition, a smile game or a dance party. Get people moving then yell, "FREEZE" and snap away. Keep things lively and you'll be sure to get the perfect shot for your photo Christmas card. 


2) Keep it CHEESY. While the origins of saying "cheese" for photos are not officially known, it comes from the idea that the word will make the corners of your mouth rise into a smile.  But truth is that a better word is "cheesy" as the hard "e" at the end really does get a smile from even the grumpiest of posers. (We'll pause here while you try it. See!)   


3) Expect that you may need a few sittings, but keep them quick. Gather your group, start with a joke to get everyone laughing and start snapping. Don't look at every photo as you take it - just keep taking photos. If kids start bickering, take a snack break and while they relax, see how you are doing. Then regather the group and go for a second round of shots.  


All that is left to do is choose your favorite photo, personalize your seasonal photo design with eInvite's easy customization tools, and send your unique holiday card to friends and family! Whether you choose a modernvintage, or nature-inspired holiday card design, recipients will be thrilled to see your family photo at this special time of year.