Tips for Engagement Party Invitations |

Tips for Engagement Party Invitations

Before you send save the date announcements or wedding invitations, you might like the opportunity to celebrate the big news of your engagement with all your nearest and dearest. Engagement parties give many of your closest friends and family members a chance to meet and bond with one another before the big day. Let’s be honest – a party’s a lot more fun than a phone call! As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t invite guests that won’t also be invited to the wedding. But how should you design your engagement party invitations? eInvite rounded up all the best practices and top tips for engagement party invitations, so you can find the perfect way to announce your celebratory event.

Color Scheme and Theme

You might not yet know the theme you’ve chosen for your wedding day, and that gives you plenty of creative freedom in terms of the engagement party invitations. These invitations are the first form of stationery your guests will see, so you should choose a design that’s reflective of you and your soon-to-be spouse as a couple. Some of our design tips for engagement party invitations include artsy, elegant, modern, or rustic. These design styles are very popular right now, but they are also timeless.

Instead, you might choose a design that incorporates champagne glasses or some celebratory theme that lets guests know what kind of party you’re hosting. Whilst wedding invitations tend to be formal, save the dates and engagement announcements can be fun and informal. Consider adding an engagement photo for a more personal touch.

Cure for Writer’s Block

Every bride arrives at a loss for words while planning a wedding, but your engagement party invitations don’t have to suffer. How you decide to word your party invitations should be simple. Don’t fuss with the wedding registry, website, date, or location, especially if you haven’t planned that far ahead. Every invitation should include the names of the names of the newly engaged couple, as well as the names of the host(s), the date of the party, the location of the party, and any RSVP information your guests need to know. Mention any special attire requirements, if applicable.

Getting Guests to RSVP

Engagement parties may be less formal than other events that precede the wedding, but you will still need a headcount for food, beverages, favors, and more. Follow up with any guests who haven’t responded and allow them to RSVP by phone, email, website, or social media message. Avoid using social media to announce or promote your engagement party, as this could lead to unwelcome drama from friends and family members who aren’t invited.

If you have any questions about our tips for engagement party invitations, please contact us today to learn more. We offer a wide variety of party invitations in multiple colors, styles, paperweights, and printing techniques. Explore our selection to find the perfect announcement for your engagement party!