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Thank You Note Etiquette for Weddings

Getting gifts from your closest friends and family members is fun, but writing thank you notes afterward? Not so much fun. After the last slice of cake or flute of champagne, it’s important to let guests know how much you appreciate their attendance on your very special day. Planning and preparing thank you notes for a large guest list is nothing short of a daunting task. Luckily, eInvite has the experience and know-how to help you prepare in advance so you can enjoy the festivities without feeling like you’re behind on homework. Read our guide to wedding thank you etiquette for top tips and tricks for planning ahead and penning your appreciation. Keep reading to learn more today!

Thank You Note Etiquette for Weddings

There is no better way to delight and surprise your guests than with a handwritten thank you note. Although thank you notes can seem obligatory, we’ve found a few methods you can use to turn this responsibility into a pleasure.

Start preparing early: Stationery prep should start months before you even unwrap the first wedding gift. There are a wide variety of stationery suppliers that offer matching thank you notes to take away some of the burden of finding or designing your own from scratch. Utilizing a Microsoft Excel worksheet and your guest list, you can keep a detailed record of each registry item you receive before and after the wedding.

Stock up on stationery: Handwritten thank you notes never go out of style, and your tokens of appreciation can be as minimal or as bold as you desire. Invest in stationery that represents you as a couple or go with traditional ecru or white wedding thank you notes and personalize them accordingly. Remember to leave enough time for your thank you notes to dry because the last thing you want is for the ink to smear or bleed before they even make it to the mail.

Create a writing station: Decide on a designated space in your home that you can use to set up shop. Sit back and relax with a glass of wine and a favorite playlist while you pen your appreciation with all your supplies at the ready. In the spirit of tradition, thank you notes should be written and mailed in a timely manner. Most brides abide by one to three months as an appropriate timeframe. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Instead, set aside 30 minutes each night to tackle a few thank you notes. This way, you can focus on being as personal as possible by acknowledging the time and money it took for your guest to spend the day with you.

Who receives a thank you note? Anyone who gives you an engagement, bridal shower, or wedding gift deserves a personal note. You should also create notes for anyone who gives you cash, checks, or contributions to charity in lieu of a traditional gift. Some couples send notes to attendants, vendors, parents, or anyone who plays an important role.

We hope that our guide to wedding thank you etiquette provides the inspiration you need to get down to business. If you have any questions about thank you note etiquette for weddings, please contact us today to learn more.