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Wedding Trends

Weddings are more dynamic than ever. Couples are always on the hunt for creative ways to celebrate and entertain their guests on the big day. Wedding trends tend to spread like wildfire between wedding seasons. eInvite rounded up all the top trends to look for, as well as some insider insights for how you can achieve the wedding of your dreams with the right accessories and décor. Keep reading to learn more!

Hanging Florals and Garlands

Suspended floral arrangements have always been popular among brides who love big blooms, but the demand for hanging flowers will only increase in the forthcoming year. Busy brides and wedding planners will forego glamorous table centerpieces and focus more on ceiling treatments. Keep your centerpieces understated with a touch of sleek sophistication by clustering small vases with only one or two types of flowers. Coordinate bushels with long stems.

Interactive Entertainment Elements

Modern weddings are already laced with entertainment, but creative couples keep finding ways to up the ante. You can easily add interactive elements to your wedding by entertaining guests with creative food options, a photo booth, a treasure hunt, karaoke, fireworks, a tribute band, table trivia, or your favorite board games. Your wedding guests won’t always remember the way your big day looked, but they will certainly remember the way you made them feel.

Metallic Mood of the Moment

Though brass, gold, and rose gold have been popular for years, metallic accessories and decorations are here to stay. Couples are choosing chrome and silver instead these days for accent colors, party favors, and much more.

Romantic Textures to Interact With

The overall guest experience won’t hinge on the use of wax menu seals or assorted linens, but those tiny details can make quite the difference in how they remember the day from a sensory standpoint. Specialty wedding planners use different fabrics to create tactile and three-dimensional decorations that look great up close and from afar.

“Woodsy” in Lieu of a Rustic Theme

It’s no surprise that bohemian brides have been leaning toward rustic wedding themes by choosing barns for venues and natural decorations. However, brides will start steering away from the rustic and opt for a woodsy theme instead. Woodsy weddings include a lot of greenery, wooden details, and relaxed dining options instead of a formal sit-down.

The important thing to remember about wedding trends is that they do come and go. Stick with floral arrangements you love and entertainment ideas you enjoy, because your wedding day will pass by in the blink of an eye. Celebrate with your close friends, family members, and your soon-to-be-spouse. Enjoy every little moment and make wedding planning fun for everyone. If you have any questions about these wedding trends, contact us today to learn more!