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Christmas Tree Personalized Cookie

Christmas Tree Personalized Cookie

$2.40 Each at a Quantity of 18 Per Each,
Qty of 18


Delicious personalized cookie



Card Size:
3" x 3"
Printing Technique:
Digital Lithography
Manufacturing Time:
5 days + shipping

Additional Information

The designer of this item selected:
Ink Color:
Digital Navy

Serve a yummy and personalized treat at your next celebration with these delicious cookies featuring your customized details in full color. These hand cut and hand frosted cookies are baked fresh daily using an all-natural homemade recipe that comes right from Mom's kitchen.


The cookies are crunchy on the edges and softer in the middle. Patented technology prints any image directly on to the frosting resulting in an incredibly precise photo or design without the use of any foreign "sugar papers" and without a strange aftertaste. These cookies are nut free, but there are nuts present in the facility.


Cookies are individually wrapped in a sealed bag.


Need some help?  Just let us know and we'll work with you to design your cookie!

How it's Made


Baked daily from an all-natural recipe, these homemade, hand cut and frosted cookies are crunchy on the edges and softer in the middle.  The patented technology prints the image directly on to the frosting; we do not use any foreign "sugar papers".


While the cookies are nut free, we do have nuts present in the baking facility.

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